You learn more about a person at the end of a relationship than at the beginning.

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I feel like I never have enough time with you.

So I treasure every minute, every second I have with you.

I can have fun, be carefree, and laugh all day long. But at the end of the day when I’m lying in bed & unable to sleep, my thoughts kill me.

It fucking sucks when you really miss someone but they don’t even think about you at all. While you’re wondering how they’ve been, they don’t even seem to give a fuck about how you’re doing. They cross your mind every single second, and you don’t even come across theirs. It hurts when they are the only ones you think about, but to them, you’re just another person they know that means nothing to them.

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You know you’re attached to someone when you’ve gotten so used to talking to them on a daily basis and they’ve become a part of your happiness. But when you guys don’t talk, it’s like a part of you is gone and you just start to miss them uncontrollably.

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The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too.

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Liking someone you can’t be with.

Sucks. Knowing that you can’t be with them, really hurts. You ask yourself “why can’t I let go?” or “why do I even try?” Who knows if they’re worth the wait. Are you willing to wait for someone that you already know you can’t have? And knowing that they have a thing for someone else. It’s hard to deal with and hard to let go. Sooner or later you have to look the other way and find someone that wants to be yours.

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It’s scary to find someone that makes you happy. You start giving them all of your attention because they’re what makes you forget everything bad that’s going on in your life. They’re the first person you want to talk to in the morning and the last one before you sleep just so you can start and end your day with a smile. It all sounds great to have that someone, but it’s scary to think about how easily they could just leave and take that happiness away too when they go.

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